Saturday, February 26, 2011

Teach Nutrition to Kids

Teach Nutrition to Kids

The health of the child is also the concern of the child.
Don't consider him/her (the child) as a minor in issues that affects his or her health -- they deserve to know and contribute.
Kids are speed leaner. They have such an unusual brain power and ability to collect and retain information for a very long time. Teach them anything and everything about nutrition and diet and when you have long forgotten they will be the one to remind you.
In fact, impacting children with such knowledge would make them an automatic advocates of good nutrition amongst their peers.
You never can tell if such a knowledge tranfer might turn-out to be the career that child will pursue in the future; if that happens the credit goes to you.

# Plan the "how to", "when to" and "where to" before you initiate the idea.

# If possible, know all about what you want to say.

# Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

# Be friendly with the child: you can't really learn from someone you dislike.

# Create a learning environment with less distraction. It could be at the dinner table or in the kitchen or anywhere you find the opportunity.

# Be creative about it: infuse fun into it so the child learn and have fun simultaneously.

# Avoid information overload:just because a child can learn does not mean you give him/her too much at a time.

# Call for review: give a long break after which you then call the child for a review. but you have to keep it short and simple.

# Proeject/Assignment: allow the child to go learn something on his/her own and then come later to teach you.

# Encouragement: another way to increase their interest and participation is give a prize (not necessarily money) after every job well done.

Written by:
Ebenezer Olasunkanmi Akinrinade (gent2smile)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Language is communication. Communication is about meaning. When meaning is lost, communication becomes useless." ~E..O. Akinrinade

Maybe you are the next orator the world is waiting for. Maybe you are already preparing yourself for an opportunity to deliver that eloquent and powerful speech. Then, wait and read!

Sometimes, we have the Right Message, the Right Audience but we end up using a Bad Language. Bad language not in terms of rudeness or correctness in pronounciation, but to speak in the tongues of elite to a locally educated gathering is nothing but error.

Don't get carried away by how smooth and sweet your message is without asking the question "will my audience understand?"

Communication is not complete until the message is understood.

Although the message is attributed to you but the truth is, it belongs to your audience. So, put them in mind as you prepare for that great speech.

I wish you a beautiful future on this road you have chosen to venture.

Sweet Regards!

Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (gent2smile)

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