Wednesday, April 29, 2015

LIFE: Living Through The Ironies

The fact that you are slim doesnt mean you are healthy.

The fact that you are quiet doesnt mean you are humble.

The fact that you are loud doesnt mean you are wise.

The fact that you act nice doesnt mean you are righteous.

The fact that you are rich doesnt mean you are successful.

The fact that you are respected doesnt mean you are loved.

The fact that you are married doesnt mean you are contented.

The fact that you are employed doesnt mean you are not insecure.

The fact that you are beautiful doesnt mean you are adorable.

The fact that are you in love doesnt mean happy forever.

Life is a bittersweet paradox of
uncomplimentary ironies. But love it we must, and live it we shall.

Written by:
George H. Ashiru

APPLY: Technology & Entrepreneurship Program For Women

The US Consulate in partnership with the Women Technology Empowerment Centre (W-TEC), Lagos started a workshop tagged: Technology & Entrepreneurship Program For Women (A One day Learning Program that teaches practical and useful knowledge on Technology and Entrepreneurship in advancing your Career & Business).

In furtherance of this vision, W.TEC is having another phase of the project in partnership with The Young African Leaders Initiative - A Young Professional Platform for raising Future African Leaders in Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement and Public Management kick started in the year 2014 by Barack Obama. The YALI Network is spread across Africa and Carries intervention programs to empower its members.

Program Details:
Strictly for the Ladies.

May 16, 2015

9am prompt

Idea Hub, Sabo, Yaba

Training Cost:
Free of charge
(you are only required to bring along a laptop and smart device like phone or ipad - both or   just your laptop)

Interested Ladies should also provide their full names, email and phone number and also nominate friends to attend the program.

Limited slots are available.

Certificates will be issued at end of the program by INTEL - The Program partners.

You can chat, call or email:
EldaDavid- 08086034420
BB Pin- 565C9F34.

It's first come, first serve basis. You can nominate as many people as possible.

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