Friday, June 19, 2015


Dear Parents,

We hope you will enjoy this piece and see some reasons not to allow your children miss this year’s Summer Camp Nigeria.

Summer Camp Nigeria is a unique 2-weeks adventure offering both day and boarding options for young children to connect with one another. It is a camp that seeks to develop understanding and appreciation of different cultures and help strengthen young individual’s moral character. We hope to achieve this through activities covering:

(A) Self Development Classes:
* Self Discovery
* Goal Setting
* Emotional Intelligence
* Core value…etc

(B) Skill Acquisition Sessions:
* Photography & Video Recordings
* Graphic Designs
* Arts & Craft
* Leather Works…etc

(C) Sports and Games:
* Basket ball
* Football
* Table tennis
* Athletics & Indoor Games

(D) Others activities include:
* World & African Heritage Activities
* Language Class
* Summer Camp Olympics Tournament
* Field Trip (Excursion)
* Scavenger Day
* Brain Fitness Activities
* Group Research & Presentation
* Cooking Class
* Career Talk Day
* Movies…etc

We are confident that by the end of the two weeks, participants would have had so much to learn about in a fun environment and be refreshingly ready for the new term.

2nd - 16th August, 2015

Eligible age:
7 - 17 years

Grange School, 6 Harold Shodipo Crecscent, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Registration Options
* Boarders: N99,500
* Day Campers: N55,000

Payment Method
Account Name: Brainy Educare Services
Account Number: 0014562007
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

Hurry!, register your child(ren) and enjoy our mouth watering discount of N9,950 off on payments made from now till 30th June,2015...not forgetting also our "MSCA" package as well.
Further discount also available for three or more siblings.

For enquiries, call:
08036966461, 07089793568, 08031990929

Visit our website:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

THE DAY I SHOT JESUS by Seun Akisanmi

"10 MINUTES TO OUR FINAL DESTINATION." The Captain's voice made me a little  nervous. I had boarded the underground oceanic train that ran across the New Atlantic Ocean. The sight was unbelievable. Who would have thought that an underground train from New York to Israel via the ocean will be feasible. The year was 2137 and I had been commissioned to provide portraits of His Royal Majesty, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

He had seen a portrait I did for prophet Jeremiah & Adam in the year 2136 and had been intrigued. He decided he was due for another session. The last time He had a photo shoot was in 2092 in Israel. I would be the 3rd human being (1st African) to give His Royal Majesty a session. How would I go about it. I wondered what specifically intrigued him about Jeremiah and Adam's pictures. What a honour indeed it would be to carve a portrait for the one that created my being. Almost as if he could hear my thoughts, he interrupted: PEACE. Suddenly I  had this overwhelming peace and confidence that this was indeed one of the reasons he had created me.....for such a session. It would be a session after which the world would see another side of Jesus that they had not seen. More importantly, this would be the first portrait that would be taken by a man and exhibited in the Lord's Temple in Heaven. What a privilege.

We passed Jerusalem Institute of Technology and I realized I had just 2 more minutes to the underground train's final destination. I took a last glance at the last portrait that Jesus took. Though blind & crippled in his pre-rapture life, Sou was able to get a portrait of Jesus laughing his heart out. You could see from the picture that the photographer had really said or done something that made the King of Earth burst out in laughter while simultaneously using his hands to cover his eyes. I looked at the scar on His hand. He didn't have to go to the Cross but I'm glad he did. The picture had gone viral and was still considered the most downloaded "real" picture of Jesus in Human history. Who would have thought Jesus could laugh like that.

I turned to my assistant, Folu, and asked if all was good to go. He replied in the affirmative. He confirmed that the makeup artist had arrived at the New Gate Hotel in Jerusalem. Considered the headquarters of the world, Jerusalem had blossomed (in all spheres) in the last few decades as a result of the physical presence of Jesus.

I took another glimpse of my camera before getting off the train. I had just purchased the new SILT K5 which came with a whopping 2.16 zettapixels image sensor. A picture taken with this baby will result in over 2 billion trillion pixels if I take time to count. That should be enough to document the session. I felt fulfilled knowing that the camera's first assignment would be to snap the creator of the universe. I smiled.

"Phone call for you sir," Folu interrupted. It was the makeup artist. She was wondering why we are yet to get to the hotel. "Don't worry Ofure, we'll be there in 6 minutes." I dropped the call and hurriedly boarded the.....

To be continued....

Authored by:
Seun Akisanmi
Poet | Photographer
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Monday, June 8, 2015

LIES WE'VE BELIEVED - by Adeolu Nathan

Lie 1: Goals Motivate People.

Goals give direction to actions, they let us know which way to move, but on their own they do not motivate.

In fact if goals are not correctly set, they can create fear, negativity and procrastination. For people to take effective action, they must understand, ‘why’ the goal is important to them.

Only when people truly feel the importance of the goal are they likely to commit to take the actions required.

“Emotion is required for motivation”

Lie 2: Motivation Has Substance.

Motivation is not a thing, it has no substance; you cannot directly measure it. Motivation is a process that is linked to behaviours.

If a person says that they are motivated to get fit, but take no action, you would seriously doubt their motivation.

VISION and MOTIVATION are not enough, they must be combined with VENTURE. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.

“There is no motivation without movement!”

Written by:
Nathan Adeolu
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