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An UNFORGETTABLE Experience In An American PRISON (by Seun Akisanmi)

It was sometime in the latter days of July 2001. I can't seem to remember the exact day. I had been incarcerated since June 12 (2001) for committing a felony that attracted a prison sentence of up to 5 years. I had defrauded some clients to the sum of about $2000. They ordered some electronic gadgets from my eBay online store, sent money to my Bank of Edwardsville account, and I failed to deliver the goods. That transaction occurred in October 2000 and I was paying for it in my 3rd prison transfer in late July 2001.

We were having an informal Bible study session in which I was the unofficial "leader". We were on lockdown and could only talk to each other through the small opening (used to pass food to us) in each cell door. Apparently my little knowledge of Bible affairs made me a contact point for all Bible-related questions in my ward. And answering questions I did. Besides, I seemed to have all the time in the world and was seemingly not going anywhere soon.

It was Ben's turn to ask. And ask he did. Ben was someone who had been sentenced to about 5 years for trafficking drugs. He narrated how he once had a scaringly-close relationship with the one we called GOD. He narrated how he had been (& was currently) like the biblical Jonah on the run away from his assignment. His experience would eventually send chills down my spine in a way I would NEVER forget.

About a year earlier, he had lost his 3 year-old daughter to a terrible illness. He considered himself to be a close follower of Christ and eventually went on a prayer retreat to question God on why his only beloved daughter had to die. He eventually got a response that left him emotionally broken. He shared with us God's answer to his prayer: "Now you know how it felt when my ONLY SON died." He was broken. He was in tears. And out of anger, he decided it wasn't in his best interest to follow such a God that will allow a child to die just to get a message across. But he indeed got the message.

To say that I was touched would be the understatement of the century. I was cut to the heart. His narration had been an answer to one of the inmates' question. The other inmate, Donald, had asked me a question that I never in my life thought anyone would dare ask: "What does the words of John 3 verse 16 mean? For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting LIFE. Seun, what does that mean?"

Ben's interjection during my explanation was an attempt to shed more light on answering the question. I explained to Donald the gospel in what seemed like a few minutes: God created man for fellowship, man erred by disobeying some basic instructions, God punished man for his disobedience and banished him from His presence, man became miserable, lost & unfulfilled without God's presence, God felt sorry for man, God sent His Son to die as a way of redeeming man back to Him, Jesus came & died,  and now man once again has the opportunity to choose LIFE by accepting the deal that was settled on the cross some two thousand years ago.

I explained to Donald that I was in prison not because I didn't know Christ as my saviour. Far from it. I was in prison because I was a follower of Christ but I backslide as a result of the cares of this world. Subsequently that led me to being a hypocrite of the Gospel that saved me. I started living a life of lies, pornography & deceit.

Getting to prison was as a result of a prayer I made out of frustration: GOD MESS ME UP. I was tired of it all. God eventually did mess me up by sending me to that one place that will ensure that I wasn't preoccupied with much to do: PRISON. Funny enough, the most interesting experiences I had in my 59 months in America was the 6 months I spent in 4 prisons. And I'm eternally grateful to God for the lessons I learnt. For it was there that I re-dedicated my life again to the Lord. For it was there that I began my writing career. For it was there that I realized that I had within reach an ultimate resource & friend for whatever I needed in life. For it was there I realized that all things indeed work together for the good of them that love and seek God wholeheartedly.

You might be presently in a prison-scenario which you feel you don't  deserve. The state of your heart might be in disarray. You might even be in a relationship with confusion, lies, lack & frustration. You might have even been an ex-Christian. One thing I've come to realize is this: if the God of Jesus Christ is with you, all will be well. I'm not guaranteeing that things will transform like magic in an instant but at least you'll have peace & fulfillment in your heart. And that is a great starting point for new beginnings.

I subsequently invite you to make the same decision I did years ago believing that today marks the beginning of a new & impactfull YOU. If you would like to give or re-dedicate your life to Christ, please pray this prayer from your heart: Father, I acknowledge that I am a sinner, that Jesus Christ died for me, that you raised Him from the dead, please forgive me. I accept Jesus today as my Lord & saviour. Amen.

Feel free to send me a message if you prayed this prayer wholeheartedly and let's help each other grow in the knowledge & ways of our Lord.

Written by:
Seun Akisanmi
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Lanre Sings Reveal Plans To Takeover The Music Industry

1.) Tell us a bit about yourself?

Lanre Sings: I am Olanrewaju Akintayo, songwriter, multi-skilled intrumentalist, graphics designer, and graduate student of Computer Engineering from Gateway Poly, Ogun State.

2.) How did you discover your musical talent? I
Was it in-born or a skill you picked up along the way?

Lanre Sings: Hmm, I started music when I was 15, and really, I didn't quite have much interest in music as a kid...but something happened. As a teenager, I was always down with sickness, so on this particular occasion while I was on the sick-bed at the hospital, my mum was so weighed down about my failing health condition and was no longer sure if all will be well. Then she singing very powerful worship songs non-stop for more than 1hour. By the time she'll be rounding up, I could feel a strange, but powerful, sensation in my body. It was as if my body had just been recharged with strength from nowhere. I knew it was a GOD who restored my health through the power of songs. After I was discharged from the hospital, I became very eager to join the church choir. Funny enough, I didn't have a good voice but little by little I started working on myself, and here I am today still working to be my very best.

3.) At what time did you decided to go into music professionally?

Lanre Sings: Professionally, I would say I started in 2015 even though as I said earlier, I have been singing way before then.

4.) What genre does your music fit into?

Lanre Sings: For me, my genre of music is "classic and inspirational"

5.) Your first hit soundtrack, titled "Adejobi" received over 10,000+ downloads in just few hours of release, how does that make you feel?

Lanre Sing: I felt so honoured because...I wasn't expecting such a "wow comments" I got from everyone who listened to the track, why because? Before I recorded the song, alot of people advised that I should do a danceable song, if not, my songs won't sell in Nigeria. With the rate of acceptance via the massive downloads, I think I have reasons to be happy I took my stand. Am keen on making good music and I know it will sell in Nigeria.

Adejobi Soundtrack Cover Design

6.) Considering the massive competition in the mainstream, how ready are you to make your entrance into the music industry a lasting one?

Lanre Sings: Yes, while writing my songs, I try to do something different each time, and that's why I play different instruments so my songs wouldn't sound alike.

7.) Do you write your own lyrics or you have someone you work with?

Lanre Sings: My plan is to keep doing music that aren't the usual everyday sound...songs that can be used to advice like olden days. You know those days when parents would say refer to a line of song while trying to teach or admonish their child on something. I want my songs to uplift the downhearted and give direction to the confused.

8.) What is the inspiration behind the song, "Adejobi"?

Lanre Sings: I write my own lyrics. Some of the lyrics I have written were inspired by wonderful friends like Jola Mogaji, Gbenga Showumi and my band members (The Psalmist Family).

Lanre-Sings at the SGC Ikorodu
Photo credit:EAphotoMedia

9.) What are your plans for the future? Should Nigerians anticipate for more hit tracks or an album?

Lanre Sings: Nigeria should be expecting my album,its going to be a global project. Hoping to drop my album end of the year by the Grace of God.

10.) Are you currently working on any collaborative project?

Lanre Sings: Yes, for the album, I have plans to feature selected artistes and musical groups from across Africa.
A few of the people I have in mind to work with are Onos Ariyo --she's been very supportive all the way, Nathaniel bassey, Simi to mention a few. Although this ought to be "off the radar" but I guess it's okay to let you in on my intending plans to do a remix of Adejobi with either the Soweto Choir or Joyous Celebration Choir. All hands are on deck to establish contact with the mass choirs.

11.) Your advice to upcoming artistes?

Lanre Sings: You are a product of what you listen to, therefore it pays to listen to good music as it will help to stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, sound different from every other artistes in the industry.

12.)  Where can your fans download your latest track "Adejobi"?

Lanre Sings: It is available for download at ADEJOBI ( and at ADEJOBI (
Fans can connect with me directly on social media platforms:
Facebook - Akintayo Olanrewaju Timothy
Twitter - @Lanre_Akintayo
Instagram: Lanre_sings
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Ebenezer O. Akinrinade
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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I wish women everywhere will know who they truly are
The woman is a mixture of soft and hard
Made from bone; to be treated as foam
Hard enough to handle difficult situations
Soft enough to soothe and heal any broken entity

A bundle of surprises she is
Can easily multitask
A brain as good as a man’s
But doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a man’s
‘cause she has the support of her heart

I believe so much in the power of a woman’s mind
The ability to work with both head and heart
Seeing and sensing what some can’t even imagine
Imaginations, ideas, creativity; are a common place for her

Her strength is boundless
Her love is timeless
Her scope is limitless
Can achieve more with less stress

The perfect prescription for a man to have success
Any real man wouldn’t watch his woman lie idle
‘cause real men know that every woman is an army
A bundle of nerves and ideas and thoughts and know hows
Reaching depths that are strange to the lay man

Tap tap dear woman
Wake up to the needy cry of the world
That’s out there and around you, waiting for your touch
Hoping and praying that maybe today
You’ll respond to her cry of dismay

You have all you need within you
Your head, your heart and your God
Enough motivation to play the golf
That will reach out to different ends of the world
Starting with the world headquarter called your mind

Stand up, build up and charge up
There’s more to you than make up
You’re not just a woman
You’re a bundle of all the world needs
To make it a better place
I’m glad to be a woman!

Photo Source: Profile Picture Album (facebook)

Written by:
Patricia Emeza (TRISHA)
Blogger, YOU CAN

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