Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yesterday is gone forever;
We have parted ways and shall meet no-more.
And though I may recount my victories
I have kissed goodbye all the wrongs which can no longer be undone.

Today is right here, right now;
It is unscripted and carefully placed in my hands
As I unite with nature and summon the gods
To join force with me and make of it whatever I believe that I can.

Tomorrow is beyond my reach;
I can only hope and wait in faith to see what it will bring.
And if I sleep and never wake-up tomorrow
Make me worthy of a crown, a sit by your side and a new song to sing.

Written & Composed by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade
(March 29th, 2012; 01:12pm)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UNLEASH 2012: An edu-focus project.

African Resourceful Leaders Foundation (ARLFoundation) partners with GetFired to host an edu-focus event tagged UNLEASH 2012 in Ibadan, March 30th & 31st.
Get details here:
GetFired: UNLEASH 2012: UNLEASH 2012 : An educational charity project initiated by WECCOSA. About Us WECCOSA is a body comprising of ex-students of the Wesley Co...

The participants will also have the opportunity to watch the INSPIRE EXCELLENCE Video featuring Chinedu Chidi (Executive Director, Book Reign), Ifeoma J. Adibe (Executive Director, ASPIRE), Ezekiel O. Akinrinade (Editor, YE Magazine), and Maradesa Samuel (Author, The Super Student). Other special appearances include George Ashiru (Ambassador & Inductee Member, World Taekwondo Federation), David Charima (Executive Director, Impression Icon), Hon. Goodman V. Umunna (Founder, World Impact Leaague), Prodigy Bosun (Founder, RAAP Networks), Korede Bello (Award Winning Singer & Songwriter, "I Love Naija"), and host of others.

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