Tuesday, November 26, 2013

THE MEETING POINT with Niyi Adesanya

You are invited to attend the avant-garde interactive forum "THE MEETING POINT" with Niyi Adesanya. This platform is aimed at bridging the information gap between Luminaries (leading personalities who are reference points in their respective industries) and Visionaries (upwardly mobile folks aspiring to make their mark in their chosen fields)

This trailblazing event was envisioned to run through different cities in Nigeria, and in pursuit of that vision, the epoch making interactive meet has been hosted in three major cities in Nigeria just within one month of its start-up.

Following the significant success and noted feedbacks of participants of the previous event held in Lagos on the 17th of August, in Benin on the 14th of September and Ibadan on the 21st September, 2013, we have refined our strategies to ensure that the 2013 round-off edition slated to be held in Abuja on the 7th of December 2013 feature discussions which would be centred around but not limited to:

• Career Advancement: Office Politics, Promotion and Career Change – The Way Forward

• Business Advancement: The Nigerian Environment, Loan and Business Growth

• Political Advancement: Policy or Polity - How Do I Get Involved?


Keynote Speaker - Dr. Sam Nda-Isaiah, Chairman Leadership Group.

• Mr. Azubuike Ishiekwene,
Group Managing Director, Leadership Group
• Col. Kefas Agbu (Rtd)
Chairman, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)
• Engr. Umar B. Bindir,
Director General, National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)

• Mr. Femi Mokikan, Executive Director, Human Resources, Seven-up Bottling Company • Ms. Pai Gamde, Head, Human Resources, Nigerian Stock Exchange
• Mr. Azubuike Ishiekwene,
Group Managing Director, Leadership Group

• Mr. Gabriel Ogbechie,
Managing Director, Rainoil Limited • Mr. Ibrahim Maigari Ahmadu,
Managing Partner Cyberia
• Dr. Ahmed Datti (PhD),
Pro-Chancellor, Baze University, Abuja

DATE: Saturday 7th December 2013
VENUE: Merit House, 22 J. T. Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, FCT Abuja
TIME: 9am (prompt)

ADMISSION IS FREE but by registration

To register, send your "Full Name, Email, and Phone Number" to +2348094709985 or  event@themeetingpoint.com.ng

More details available via www.themeetingpoint.com.ng

Thursday, November 21, 2013

21st Century Parenting Seminar: WAR OF GENERATIONS

"Looking back, I can't remember why and how things got so bad! My parents have changed a great deal. There's nothing I do that makes sense to them! I'm always the focal point of ridicule in the house......they're always poking their nose into my affairs. This is all so annoying! I can't stand them any more!!!"

That's probably the way 80% of teenagers think; fact!

And the parents.....

"Hmmnn, only God knows what has come over our child, he has changed so much. He now talks back, listens to strange music and has weird friends. She takes hours to dress up, prefers inappropriate dresses and locks herself up most times". 

For parents and their teenage children, there is definitely a lot of issues; a lot of disagreements. But they're not the only two groups from different generations, so why the war?

Let's find out together!
Let's talk about it.
Can we end the war?
Its not a taboo to share your experience or hear those of others.

So join us, at the next 21st Century Parenting Seminar tagged:

23rd November, 2013

Brainy Educare Center
3, Sabiu Ajose Crescent, by Modupe Johnson, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya (behind shoprite), Surulere, Lagos.

10am (prompt)

Limited spaces available, so register now @ www.brainyeducare.com


Send, "PS, YOUR NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS" to 08036966461 or 07089793568.
(e.g. PS, Eniade Ngozi Abu, enz@yahoo.com)

This seminar is organized by Brainy Educare Services
Twitter: @BrainyEducare1
FB Page: Brainy Educare
YouTube: Brainy Educare

Friday, November 15, 2013

ACTivate Conference 2013

ACTivate that IDEA with a STRATEGY that works. Join the gathering of Nigeria's best and brightest mind at the ACTivate Conference 2013.

Now is the time for young people to break free from inertia and set their ideas rolling with failure-proof strategies.


Saturday, 16th November 2013.

10am - 2pm (New Nigerian Time)

RCCG Light House Parish, 20 Konu Road, Oke-oko Isawo Last Bus-stop, Ikorodu, Lagos.

* Akinrinade Ezekiel (COO, Y.E Company; Project Director, International Youth Council, Lagos Chapter)
* Owoicho David (President, Renewer Mind International)
* Lasisi 'Bosun (PR & IT Specialist, ProTech Global Services & Communications; Convener, I.N.V.E.N.T Conference)

Powered by:
Y.E Company

Program Partners:
* African Resourceful Leaders Foundation
* International Youth Council, Lagos Chapter
* RCCG Light House Parish
* Agent of Change Initiative
* Olatunji Nas Event Planner
* ProTech Global Services
* Green Waste Care

For enquiries:
Ebenezer - 08027701092
Ezekiel - 08024552737

Follow Twitter update:

Follow Twitter hashtag:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

APPLY: Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative 2014

The United States Consulate General, Lagos in 2011 launched a dynamic youth engagement initiative known as Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) as a way of bringing together and empowering some of the brightest Nigerian youths who have brilliant ideas and passion for social change.

The initiative is named after the former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Walter C. Carrington who till date is seen as one of the most respected American diplomat.

Several social projects have been funded and successfully implemented by different sets of Fellows since 2011 till date. The fellowship program open application on a yearly basis for interested candidates to either as individual or group.

To know more about the application requirements and view reports of projects by past and present CYFI Fellows, click on this link:
Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative 2014

To follow up with the CYFI Alumni Fellows, follow @CYFI_ALUMNI on twitter and Like to Facebook page CYFI Alumni

Application for the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative 2014 closes in January.

Please share information with young people who might be interested.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


As an introverted child I remembered my parents, older siblings and friends assumed too many times about what I wanted. Being that I was very shy, quiet and not use to saying so much made it more difficult for me to air my own opinion or win conversation even when my point is more valid than that of others. Nobody really cared to hear me out and that was really frustrating and annoying. I didn't like it a bit but still I felt helpless not knowing what exactly to do for the situation to turn around.

There are times I cry all alone in my closet, feeling ashamed of my inability and lack of courage to express myself. For more than two decades of my life many more people took me for granted, decided for me and assumed a lot of things without giving me any chance to really express my own views or feelings.

But somewhere along the line after attending several seminars and workshops, and reading a lot of books on the subject, I began to speak up for myself. At first, it wasn't easy, but the more I practiced and display courage in my conversation with others, people began to respect my opinions, views and ideas. It was a big breakthrough for me, as if I was released from the prison yard of imposition and forceful silence. I gained my own freedom, my human right privilege to speak and be listen to.

Today, I see many children like me around suffering in silence because no-one really cares to hear them out, most especially the adults. Most adults, including parents, believes that children don't have a say and should be decided for on what to do and what not to do. This is totally wrong and unfair.

In my opinion, I believe every person regardless of age, sex or social status have a voice that needs to be heard. Denying children the right to speak is against their human rights and the earlier we empower them to use their voice the better for us.

In fact, I believe most of the world's greatest challenges will be half-solved if only we can learn to listen to these innocent voices. Ideas and innovation does not only emerge from older people, children can also be inspired to create something new too.

I have been through that road of shyness, silence and intimidation before, and I cannot watch another generation of innocent, innovative and inspired voices to be forced through the same path. Never! Not in my lifetime.

Every child has a  voice and now is the time to give them the courage, guidance and platform to express their hidden talents.
I stand as a child advocate, speaking for as many children whose voices are yet to be heard.

Written & Authored by:
~ Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)
Social Worker| Writer| Social Media Strategist
Twitter: @gent2smile and @ARLFoundation

REGISTER your child (8-16years) for "SCRIBES AND ORATORS 2013", a one-week Creative Writing and Public Speaking Workshop coming up in December. The event is powered by Brainy Educare Services.
For enquiries and registration details, contact:
08102040382, 07089793568, 08036966461

Thursday, November 7, 2013



An extension of GOD in HUMAN FLESH.

A mere man SAVED by GRACE and SACRIFICE.

An heaven-bound saint like JESUS of NAZARETH.

See my claims not as a sweet talk or a blaspheme.

Though, my PERFECTION is not of the FLESH

And it is CHRIST in me who brings me to PERFECTION.

Authored by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)
Twitter: @gent2smile

Monday, November 4, 2013

Postponement of Nigeria's Doomsday

This pic is an attestation to the fact that evil doth rule the world. That your life is a part of a grand scheme to give the devil dominion over the world.

I look at this in a Religious and Political eyes because both are in play in this picture. We should really feel lucky in Nigeria especially the youths that you can use a Blackberry to update TGIF every Friday yet the living standards in Nigeria is bad, that you can be Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa and your life isn't threatened while Hutus almost wiped out Tutsis some years back in Rwanda, that we didn't have to fight bloody to gain Independence like the South Africans...BUT feel sad because we have only succeeded in shifting our DOOMSDAY forward.

I am a proponent of Idealism as Materialism has only made everybody in Nigeria lazy. We all love Fela yet the deep message in his songs like "Suffering and Smiling" is overlooked while his weeding habit is embraced as if that's all he taught us.

This Generation lived as though it was created to party and get wasted with dwindling moral values. I wonder if the thousands of generations before us were party animals or funseekers like us if anything worthwhile would be accomplished, Karl Marx, Descartes, Carl Benz, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Jesus Christ...Even money without values soon fades (I dare you to test the theory). What the f**k did our parents eat or do that made us so worthless?! I jammed up my points yes but i will subsequently pick them out for discuss in due time.

Written by:
Moyo John

(culled from facebook status update)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life Lessons from 2Face, Van Vicker and P-Square

Tuface (Innocent Idibia) married Anne, after many years of flirting with other women, why? Because he knows no other woman contributed to his life as much as Anne. Van Vicker, the popular Ghanaian movie actor, did the very same thing, marrying the girl he met when he was just 15yrs old. Peter of P-Square is towing that very same line, proposing to his girlfriend and ‘baby mama’ of many years.

What do we learn from these men? They have seen a lot of women in their life, but yet still yet, they went back to that one woman who stood by them when they were no body. Guys, learn from these men…. There is nothing as sweet as the love of that woman who drank garri with you, who slept with you on your hard floor without a bed, who didn't care what you had or what you didn’t have. Their love is pure sweet and innocent. They are obedient, considerate, understanding, supportive, and submissive. Why?

Because they know what you went through to make it in life. When you tell a woman, who knows how u suffered to make it, to sit, she will sit. Because she knows where you are coming from, she respects you she saw you become a Man not because she was told. She saw you struggle it out.

But it’s not the same with ready-made women. That is why when you talk, they talk, and because they didn't see you suffer it out or have an idea of where you are coming from. Forget all these ready-made women who can’t give account of how you started your life and/or how you made your money and fame in life.

Go back to those women who stood by you, when you were nobody, the women who drank garri with you. ‘They are your real wives.’

A word is enough for the wise!

Nancy ‘Uncommon’ Ijeoma (Facebook status)

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