Monday, November 4, 2013

Postponement of Nigeria's Doomsday

This pic is an attestation to the fact that evil doth rule the world. That your life is a part of a grand scheme to give the devil dominion over the world.

I look at this in a Religious and Political eyes because both are in play in this picture. We should really feel lucky in Nigeria especially the youths that you can use a Blackberry to update TGIF every Friday yet the living standards in Nigeria is bad, that you can be Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa and your life isn't threatened while Hutus almost wiped out Tutsis some years back in Rwanda, that we didn't have to fight bloody to gain Independence like the South Africans...BUT feel sad because we have only succeeded in shifting our DOOMSDAY forward.

I am a proponent of Idealism as Materialism has only made everybody in Nigeria lazy. We all love Fela yet the deep message in his songs like "Suffering and Smiling" is overlooked while his weeding habit is embraced as if that's all he taught us.

This Generation lived as though it was created to party and get wasted with dwindling moral values. I wonder if the thousands of generations before us were party animals or funseekers like us if anything worthwhile would be accomplished, Karl Marx, Descartes, Carl Benz, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, Jesus Christ...Even money without values soon fades (I dare you to test the theory). What the f**k did our parents eat or do that made us so worthless?! I jammed up my points yes but i will subsequently pick them out for discuss in due time.

Written by:
Moyo John

(culled from facebook status update)

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