Monday, March 25, 2013

CYFI Project: Educational Youth Summit 2013

An Academic Youth Summit by the Education Team of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) in collaboration with the Lagos State Education Resource Centre (LASERC) tagged "BE A HERO: Setting The Records Straight"

Speakers & Guests:
* Prof. Moses Adetunbi (Author, "You are Better Than You Think")
* Mr. Alao Olugbenga (Director, LASERC)
* Dr. (Mrs) Titi Akinlade (Exxon Mobil)
* Mr Efosa Obaeze (Standard Chartered Bank)
* Ms. Joke Kujenya (Asst. Editor, The Nations Newspaper)
* Mrs. Anu Ajayi (Head of HR, UPS)
* Mr. Oluseyi Fasanya (HR Manager, UPS)
And heroic others!

Date: Tuesday, 26th of March, 2013.
Time: 10am prompt.
Venue: LASERC, Ogunnusi Road, beside Babs Fafunwa Millenium Secondary School, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Endorsed by the Lagos  State Ministry of Education.

Main Sponsor: Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (an initiative of the U.S. Consulate General Lagos).

Corpoeate Sponsors: Nestle, UPS, Golden Penny Foods.

Partners: RSNetworks, Stimulus Initiative, UConcepts, YEC-ACADEMY, and others!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Book Written By You (poem)

A new book has just been openned unto you...
The chapters are yet unwritten
And the pages are still blank.
There is a pen right by the side
And the ink in the pen is filled to the brim...
It's a pen specially made for you.
With this pen in your hand
You must write your own story.
Do not ask me about what story to tell
Because this should be your story, not mine.
I can only tell that the world is yearning to read
Especially a book written by none but you.
Therefore, do not delay any further
Get started and be through in time
For I also yearn to read from it, too.

Written by:
Ebenezer Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)

CHINUA ACHEBE: A President We Never Had

The immortal soul of Iroko has only stepped outside of its mortal body, but I see mortal men taking to the streets and wailing that the Iroko has fallen apart, how myopic they are. How can Iroko, the tree of the gods, fall apart?

Achebe!, I may not be able to tell how far the journey from here to the home of our ancestors is, but I shall assume that you have finally arrrived at the place where they reside. I am happy that you are gone far away from this endangered world, yet feel very sad that your countrymen never listened to the voice of reason. You had seen so much. You knew so much. You said so much. You did so much. And, in fact, you could have done much more if only... But your people did not understand, neither were they ready to know. Even the same men with whom you fought in those youthful years for the independence of this country choose to dwell on ignoble thoughts, I mean those yesterday's and today's men who today are giving accolades and calling for the immortalization of your name.

Please Achebe, do not give your eyes to tears, for I can tell that your heart is still broken by the betrayal of these men who till today are still betraying the land they once swore to protect. How I wish you had the chance to become our president, maybe things would not have fallen apart. What then shall we do now, if not to ask that you plead with the ancestors on our behalf to join their voices with ours as we pray for the Arrow of GOD to hit hard on those who would not allow this country reach her full potential so that it would not be said of us in near future that There Was A Country once called Nigeria.Amen!
Send my greetings to Esther, my dear mother, that although Nigeria has not changed much but my hope for a better future has not dwindled. Goodbye Chinua Achebe.

Written by:
Ebenezer Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)

Friday, March 22, 2013

theNETWORK Conference

Abinibi Multemedia presents theNETWORK Conference, a platform designed for all creative professionals to exhibit their portfolios, meet, share knowledge and network.

Over 500 young and creative practitioners from the graphics, animation and advertising, web designing, photography and printing sub-industries will converge for this networking event.

TheNETWORK will feature top professionals who are well learned and proficient in their various fields to come share from their wealth of knowledge with the newer generation. They include, Lemi Ghariokwu, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Steve Babaeko, Kunle Afolayan, Kingsley James, Goke Oludare, Toyosi Akerele and Ayo Animashaun.

Convener James Abinibi says participants will have the opportunity of meeting top professionals in the creative and production industry, ask questions, exchange ideas, share professional experiences and above all LEARN.
Comedian, Julius Agwu is guest moderator for the event.
The conference will hold at 12pm, on Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Chevron Club, Sholuyi Street, Gbagada, Lagos.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guys Beware: Nigerian Mum and Girls Takes Taekwondo Lessons

The fight against rape and child abuse has just gotten tougher. And now, the average mum and their daughters may not necessarily have to wait on the government before they can protect themselves from anyone who attempt to abuse them.

The Continental Director of International Taekwondo Federation in Africa, Mr. George  Ashiru, popular referred to as "Master Gee", recently announced the intention to offer free taekwondo lesson to mothers, ladies and girls majorly for the purpose of strengthening the at-risk population with not just information about self defence, but also training them basic taekwondo techniques which can be employed whenever the need for it arises. There has being alot of excitements and appause especially from mothers for this right in time initiative as the need to protect the next generation of mothers from violation becomes inevatble.

It is on record that Master Gee is an Inductee of World Taekwondo Hall of Fame and has led the Nigerian team to the Olympics at several occassions. Although the Lagos State Government has been doing alot by putting laws in place, as well as organizing public sensitization and advocacy programs but it seems some perpetrators of this evil act are still in the business of violating young girls unlawfully. Hence, we believe the enrolment of mothers and young girls for this taekwondo lessons will send a strong signal to the public that RAPE is indeed MUST STOP, except you want to get a kick in your loins.

Here below are the details of the even. Don't hesitate to spread the message and unvitation to as many mothers, ladies and girls as possible.

HOST: George Ashiru (Inductee, Taekwondo Hall of Fame)
VENUE: Sports Hall, Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
DATE: Saturday, 23rd of March, 2012.
TIME: Early morning (starting from 8am)
Twitter: @masgee1 or @ManOfContrasts


Wednesday, March 6, 2013


There's music in me,
A thousand stanza yet unsung.

There's is music in me,
Best of songs for youtube and itunes.

There's music in me,
A healing balm for the broken heart.

There's music in me,
A song for friends and lovers to sing along.

There's music in me,
A sweet rhythm that soothes the ear.

There's music in me,
A song so beautiful even the birds wants to learn.

There's music in me,
It's a song I must sing before I depart from you.

There's music within me,
A special song for you and me.

There's music within me,
I shall sing, I will sing, I must sing.

There's music within me,
And now is the time to let the music play!

Written & Composed by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)

Special Dedication: This poem is dedicated to a friend, Josie Macalino.

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