Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guys Beware: Nigerian Mum and Girls Takes Taekwondo Lessons

The fight against rape and child abuse has just gotten tougher. And now, the average mum and their daughters may not necessarily have to wait on the government before they can protect themselves from anyone who attempt to abuse them.

The Continental Director of International Taekwondo Federation in Africa, Mr. George  Ashiru, popular referred to as "Master Gee", recently announced the intention to offer free taekwondo lesson to mothers, ladies and girls majorly for the purpose of strengthening the at-risk population with not just information about self defence, but also training them basic taekwondo techniques which can be employed whenever the need for it arises. There has being alot of excitements and appause especially from mothers for this right in time initiative as the need to protect the next generation of mothers from violation becomes inevatble.

It is on record that Master Gee is an Inductee of World Taekwondo Hall of Fame and has led the Nigerian team to the Olympics at several occassions. Although the Lagos State Government has been doing alot by putting laws in place, as well as organizing public sensitization and advocacy programs but it seems some perpetrators of this evil act are still in the business of violating young girls unlawfully. Hence, we believe the enrolment of mothers and young girls for this taekwondo lessons will send a strong signal to the public that RAPE is indeed MUST STOP, except you want to get a kick in your loins.

Here below are the details of the even. Don't hesitate to spread the message and unvitation to as many mothers, ladies and girls as possible.

HOST: George Ashiru (Inductee, Taekwondo Hall of Fame)
VENUE: Sports Hall, Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
DATE: Saturday, 23rd of March, 2012.
TIME: Early morning (starting from 8am)
Twitter: @masgee1 or @ManOfContrasts


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