Monday, October 21, 2013


Without the ability, skills and knowledge of how to communicate effectively, can children really take advantage of their freedom of expression?

Brainy Educare is on the move to empower young teenagers through its annual creative writing and public speaking workshop tagged “SCRIBES and ORATORS”. This year’s workshop promises to expand the knowledgebase of participants with basic and advance communication skills especially in the art of writing and public speaking while also grooming them to become distinguished leaders and competent communicators to be reckoned with in the nearest future.

An array of renowned world-class professionals and individuals from both academic and business community has been selected as facilitators for this year 2013 edition of “SCRIBES and ORATORS” in order to achieve the set objectives. Trainings will be held in three locations across Lagos.

Registration is now open and can be done either individually or in group (e.g. school, church, mosque or clubs).

Eligible Age:
Ages 8 - 16years

Training Venues:
Ikeja, Akoka and Ikorodu

Training Dates:
Monday, 16th – Saturday, 21st December, 2013

Training Time:
9am to 3pm daily

Registration / Course fee:
N15, 000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira)
There will be tea- break and lunch daily, course materials, and certificate of participation at the end of event.

How to Register:
Pick up a form at Brainy Educare office, No. 1, Ahme Street, off Olufemi Road, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.

How to Pay:
Account Name - Brainy Educare Services
Account Number – 0014562007
Bank Name – Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

For Enquiries / Partnership / Sponsorship:
08036966461, 07054445273, 08035323638, 07089793568;

Registration closes:
Friday, 13th December 2013.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Simple and classic, she was dressed up in a gown so beautiful

Her golden earrings and wired bracelet were just but a perfect fit

She had no hidden motive to show-off her curves or entice the feasting eyes

Nevertheless, her graceful countenance and fluffy natural hair made her the center of attraction

Even her lips were shaped with smiles, and her white teeth shined so brightly in between

Hastily and hurriedly, the lustful eyes began to gazed and strategize

Excitedly they thought she was a game, but sadly they all hunted to no avail

Then they realized that this rare specie was not a meat on sale

Awhile sitted around the corner, I looked upon her with a poetic eyes and saw a rose flower

So gently and patiently I waited like a gardener for this flower to find its owner

I waited and waited, until that perfect moment she came my way and rested on my shoulder

Finally I found a queen and I knew my waiting was not in vain

And until now, I doubt if ever I will see a maiden adorned in such beauty and simplicity like her again.

Authored by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)

[Gent2smile ©2013]

NOTE: You are free to share/rebroadcast but not allowed to edit the poem or remove the authors details.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

YALA...DO MORE! (by Chunu Teajay)

Have you seen the recent arabian advert for Pepsi? A guy takes the drink and scream YALA! I discovered it was a motivating word to get things done like "let's go", "let's do it"...etc

That idea you only talked and never did, that problem you left for your 'leader' to solve, that child you left for his/her parent to guide on what is right, that habit you are waiting to change in 'it's time'...are part reasons why you face the challenges that frustrate you.

"Many of us have sweet dreams & never see them come true because we forget to wake up" - Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Change starts in our minds but happens with our hands. So rise up today ready to do that idea, that dream, that thing you postponed...wake up to the responsibilities of your dream/future

Impossibility only exist for those take solace in the comfort & cowardice of inaction. They that KNOW shall be STRONG & you know...DO MORE.

YALA...Your Actions Literally Advances

Impossible is Nothing!

Chunu Teajay
I am your friend

Watch Out for StepUp! 2014

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Kunbi Adefule is a young Nigerian-American adventurer who has traveled to over thirty (30) countries around the world. She is also an alumnus of Cornell University.

On the event of Nigeria’s independence celebration, she shared on her facebook status what I have titled as a note of caution, or rather a note of wisdom (depending on the reader's perspective) to all Nigerians especially the youth population.

Quoted in her own words:
"Dear Nigerians, Insulting Nigeria on Independence Day for not being like USA is like insulting your father or mother on his/her birthday for not being like Bill Gates or Oprah!

Happy Independence day to all the Nigerians that have faith and hope in Nigeria.

Naija o ni baje o! Eko o ni baje o!"

GREEN or GREED NIGERIA? (by Chunu Teajay)

As Nigerians commemorate their fifty-third (53rd) year of independence, there are variegated opinions about whether the day is worth celebrating or not. One of Nigeria’s renowned youth advocate and GEMSTONE Ambassador has aired his voice over the social media by posing a critical question that all Nigerians need to answer. Read the full article below…

(written by Chunu Teajay)

Nigeria is not a place but a people. The colour on our flag is a representation of who we are but our self-seeking ambitions have discolored what we once called our pride. I keep wondering, are we still green or a colour full with greed?

We flaunt a colour green and call ourselves Nigerians whereas by our attitude we are more of aliens professing a creed not reflecting in deed, pointing fingers at others forgetting to realize that no one else is responsible for our lives and actions except us. When people say there is nothing to celebrate in Nigeria I wonder why event planners are still in business. If we glamorously celebrate our anniversaries and ‘achievements’ without a referral to sustainable communal development then we
are the perfect definition of mediocrity.

Imagine a future where we have all stolen from ourselves and have nothing left in common except the anticipation of being the first to kill the next loosed cow. That’s the future that awaits our misplaced valued and self-seeking attitude. In our angry actions & words against our ‘rulers’ and with our fights and complaints, we have gradually become more of what we most disdain.

No matter how far we run we can’t run from who we are, WE ARE NIGERIANS first before anything else; the most favoured and endowed among black nations who are yet to articulate a common vision and master the art of discipline to achieve same.

If Dubai that has Sun, Sand & Sea can in the desert grow a tree then for Nigeria I see a possible future waiting for you and me. As we celebrate 53, two numbers with great significance, let’s Step-Up with the grace God has given and walk in unity to achieve a common goal. Let’s recolour our pride from greed back to green.

We can be a Generation Empowered, Motivated & Stirred to Operate in Natural Excellence if we:
* Make a positive impact on everyone we meet and everywhere we go.
* Be a ROLE MODEL worthy of emulation.
* Be a solution to problems and not a problem to solutions.
* Be the best in all we do particularly the things we are good at.
* Do the right thing regardless of who is doing the wrong thing.
* Value time and make the best of it.
* Care and show that we care through our words and actions.
* Consciously build a great legacy starting today & every day.
* Live a life of INTEGRITY.
* Make our family, nation & God proud. Be someone’s claim to fame.

(NB: Included here are the 10 core values of GEMSTONE)

A happy independence wishes to those who are truly dependent.

I am your friend,
Chunu Teajay
Twitter: @unusualteajay
Skype: Chunu.Teajay

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