Thursday, October 10, 2013

YALA...DO MORE! (by Chunu Teajay)

Have you seen the recent arabian advert for Pepsi? A guy takes the drink and scream YALA! I discovered it was a motivating word to get things done like "let's go", "let's do it"...etc

That idea you only talked and never did, that problem you left for your 'leader' to solve, that child you left for his/her parent to guide on what is right, that habit you are waiting to change in 'it's time'...are part reasons why you face the challenges that frustrate you.

"Many of us have sweet dreams & never see them come true because we forget to wake up" - Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Change starts in our minds but happens with our hands. So rise up today ready to do that idea, that dream, that thing you postponed...wake up to the responsibilities of your dream/future

Impossibility only exist for those take solace in the comfort & cowardice of inaction. They that KNOW shall be STRONG & you know...DO MORE.

YALA...Your Actions Literally Advances

Impossible is Nothing!

Chunu Teajay
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