Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Wait For Invitation

"Patience is not idleness. Get to work while you expect opportunity." ~Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

I salute you, and you for all the words of encouragement, support and mentoring so far. GOD BLESS YOU!

Many rare gifts have died without finding expression. Many beautiful minds have become the devils workshop. There are born-AUTHORS who died without publishing a single article. And many born-ORATORS who never had a change to stand before the crowd.

What will be your own story in the next 2-3years from now?

I know you have that ONE THING...ONE GIFT...ONE UNIQUE PURPOSE and DREAM that sets you apart from the crowd. But the big challenge may be that the stage (opportunity) is not set yet for you to express yourself.

But while it is not a bad idea to wait for your time, I suggest you don't waste this precious single life that you have waiting for that WOW! moment to come just like that. You have to START WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.

"If people don't know what you worth, they won't place any value on you." ~Ebenezer O. Akinrinade


# Don't wait to be invited, create a well planned event of your own and invite others and by so doing they will recognise you when they are doing same.
# Write for and about other people who are doing great job in the same field.
# Be inquisitive and open-minded to those who have better ideas.
# Leave your age on one side and think about the knowledge you want to gain.
# Don't always expect to get the VIP Pass. Learn to pay.
# Be friendly. The friends you make today might be your host or audience tomorrow.
# Et ce tera (and the list goes on).


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Achieve Greatness Through Humility

Achieve Greatness Through Humility - on wikiHow

== Steps ==
# Don't just be yourself, you have to learn to 'Be Your Good Self'."
# Mind your speech; words can build you or ruin you.
# Love yourself but don't get carried away with 'self'.
# Respect others but be mindful that you don't loose your self-worth.
# 'Stop wishing for' and 'Start willing to' change.
# Judging others gives us more enemies. So, choose to Love instead!
# Humility is not stupidity, don't play dumb when your integrity is at stake.
# Mean it when you say 'I'm Sorry'. Say it only when you need to, not when you feel like.

# Be determined to do it right even when there are unfavorable consequence. It will pay off later.

# Think differently. You don't always have to follow the crowd.

# Cultivate a regular 'Self-Check' or 'Self-Evaluation Habit' in order to know your wins and losses.

# Create time for mentorship. Learn from those who have been to where you are going.

# Reference GOD as you walk along. I am not preaching religion but the truth for me is that GOD does intervenes in the affairs of men.

Ebenezer Olasunkanmi AKINRINADE

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Bye to FEBRUARY. Welcome to MARCH.

Your Excellencies,

How would account for the past month?
What were the ups and downs that made your dreams impossible? Have you learn any lesson(s) yet?

Let me assure of one thing that whatever the experiences you have had in the past months, still there's always an opportunity to begin again or continue from where you stopped.

As a special human with unique abilities, everything you go through in life happens so that you can LEARN something new, WRITE something spectacular, and SAY something inspiring.

Be it good or bad, everything that happens to an Author and/or an Orator give him/her a platform to tell a different story and stand apart as a role model for beginners. WE ARE NEVER A LOSER!

Don't discard your past experiences just like that. I want to challenge you to WAKE-UP and BE INSPRED by your past to RECREATE a perfect desired FUTURE for yourself.

May all that you pray for, wish for, hope for, work for, strife for, ask for, seek for, plead for, plan for and desire for be settled by GOD(Amen!).

Ebenezer Olasunkanmi AKINRINADE

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