Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Achieve Greatness Through Humility

Achieve Greatness Through Humility - on wikiHow

== Steps ==
# Don't just be yourself, you have to learn to 'Be Your Good Self'."
# Mind your speech; words can build you or ruin you.
# Love yourself but don't get carried away with 'self'.
# Respect others but be mindful that you don't loose your self-worth.
# 'Stop wishing for' and 'Start willing to' change.
# Judging others gives us more enemies. So, choose to Love instead!
# Humility is not stupidity, don't play dumb when your integrity is at stake.
# Mean it when you say 'I'm Sorry'. Say it only when you need to, not when you feel like.

# Be determined to do it right even when there are unfavorable consequence. It will pay off later.

# Think differently. You don't always have to follow the crowd.

# Cultivate a regular 'Self-Check' or 'Self-Evaluation Habit' in order to know your wins and losses.

# Create time for mentorship. Learn from those who have been to where you are going.

# Reference GOD as you walk along. I am not preaching religion but the truth for me is that GOD does intervenes in the affairs of men.

Ebenezer Olasunkanmi AKINRINADE

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