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EXCLUSIVE: Lanre Sings Reveal Plans To Takeover The Music Industry

1.) Tell us a bit about yourself?

Lanre Sings: I am Olanrewaju Akintayo, songwriter, multi-skilled intrumentalist, graphics designer, and graduate student of Computer Engineering from Gateway Poly, Ogun State.

2.) How did you discover your musical talent? I
Was it in-born or a skill you picked up along the way?

Lanre Sings: Hmm, I started music when I was 15, and really, I didn't quite have much interest in music as a kid...but something happened. As a teenager, I was always down with sickness, so on this particular occasion while I was on the sick-bed at the hospital, my mum was so weighed down about my failing health condition and was no longer sure if all will be well. Then she singing very powerful worship songs non-stop for more than 1hour. By the time she'll be rounding up, I could feel a strange, but powerful, sensation in my body. It was as if my body had just been recharged with strength from nowhere. I knew it was a GOD who restored my health through the power of songs. After I was discharged from the hospital, I became very eager to join the church choir. Funny enough, I didn't have a good voice but little by little I started working on myself, and here I am today still working to be my very best.

3.) At what time did you decided to go into music professionally?

Lanre Sings: Professionally, I would say I started in 2015 even though as I said earlier, I have been singing way before then.

4.) What genre does your music fit into?

Lanre Sings: For me, my genre of music is "classic and inspirational"

5.) Your first hit soundtrack, titled "Adejobi" received over 10,000+ downloads in just few hours of release, how does that make you feel?

Lanre Sing: I felt so honoured because...I wasn't expecting such a "wow comments" I got from everyone who listened to the track, why because? Before I recorded the song, alot of people advised that I should do a danceable song, if not, my songs won't sell in Nigeria. With the rate of acceptance via the massive downloads, I think I have reasons to be happy I took my stand. Am keen on making good music and I know it will sell in Nigeria.

Adejobi Soundtrack Cover Design

6.) Considering the massive competition in the mainstream, how ready are you to make your entrance into the music industry a lasting one?

Lanre Sings: Yes, while writing my songs, I try to do something different each time, and that's why I play different instruments so my songs wouldn't sound alike.

7.) Do you write your own lyrics or you have someone you work with?

Lanre Sings: My plan is to keep doing music that aren't the usual everyday sound...songs that can be used to advice like olden days. You know those days when parents would say refer to a line of song while trying to teach or admonish their child on something. I want my songs to uplift the downhearted and give direction to the confused.

8.) What is the inspiration behind the song, "Adejobi"?

Lanre Sings: I write my own lyrics. Some of the lyrics I have written were inspired by wonderful friends like Jola Mogaji, Gbenga Showumi and my band members (The Psalmist Family).

Lanre-Sings at the SGC Ikorodu
Photo credit:EAphotoMedia

9.) What are your plans for the future? Should Nigerians anticipate for more hit tracks or an album?

Lanre Sings: Nigeria should be expecting my album,its going to be a global project. Hoping to drop my album end of the year by the Grace of God.

10.) Are you currently working on any collaborative project?

Lanre Sings: Yes, for the album, I have plans to feature selected artistes and musical groups from across Africa.
A few of the people I have in mind to work with are Onos Ariyo --she's been very supportive all the way, Nathaniel bassey, Simi to mention a few. Although this ought to be "off the radar" but I guess it's okay to let you in on my intending plans to do a remix of Adejobi with either the Soweto Choir or Joyous Celebration Choir. All hands are on deck to establish contact with the mass choirs.

11.) Your advice to upcoming artistes?

Lanre Sings: You are a product of what you listen to, therefore it pays to listen to good music as it will help to stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, sound different from every other artistes in the industry.

12.)  Where can your fans download your latest track "Adejobi"?

Lanre Sings: It is available for download at ADEJOBI ( and at ADEJOBI (
Fans can connect with me directly on social media platforms:
Facebook - Akintayo Olanrewaju Timothy
Twitter - @Lanre_Akintayo
Instagram: Lanre_sings
For bookings, call 08178348370, 08026406671 or send email to:,

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