Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I wish women everywhere will know who they truly are
The woman is a mixture of soft and hard
Made from bone; to be treated as foam
Hard enough to handle difficult situations
Soft enough to soothe and heal any broken entity

A bundle of surprises she is
Can easily multitask
A brain as good as a man’s
But doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a man’s
‘cause she has the support of her heart

I believe so much in the power of a woman’s mind
The ability to work with both head and heart
Seeing and sensing what some can’t even imagine
Imaginations, ideas, creativity; are a common place for her

Her strength is boundless
Her love is timeless
Her scope is limitless
Can achieve more with less stress

The perfect prescription for a man to have success
Any real man wouldn’t watch his woman lie idle
‘cause real men know that every woman is an army
A bundle of nerves and ideas and thoughts and know hows
Reaching depths that are strange to the lay man

Tap tap dear woman
Wake up to the needy cry of the world
That’s out there and around you, waiting for your touch
Hoping and praying that maybe today
You’ll respond to her cry of dismay

You have all you need within you
Your head, your heart and your God
Enough motivation to play the golf
That will reach out to different ends of the world
Starting with the world headquarter called your mind

Stand up, build up and charge up
There’s more to you than make up
You’re not just a woman
You’re a bundle of all the world needs
To make it a better place
I’m glad to be a woman!

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Written by:
Patricia Emeza (TRISHA)
Blogger, YOU CAN

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