Tuesday, December 10, 2013


When was the last time you embraced yourself? This might sound very awkward sort of, but I think it's something very important to do.

We expect so much from other people and wait needlessly and endlessly for them to do for us what we possibly can do for ourselves. And because they never really get to do the very thing we expect, most of us end up caving in with a feeling of neglect, unhappiness, and saddened by the thought that nobody appreciate us.

What you don't know is  that these other person are also looking for people to appreciate them as well. So instead of waiting suffering in a waiting cycle that never ends, why not start by learning to embrace yourself with a roundabout hug whispering positive words (e.g. "Ebenezer, you are such a nice person; I love being around you because you are a happy dude; Kudos, you've done a good job today; and so on). Unconsciously, what you're doing is empowering yourself to stay positive regardless of whether people appreciate you or not.

In fact, the interesting thing about this is that, soon enough, others will be wondering how come you are always wearing an expression of excitement on your face. You'll gradually become a center of attraction, inspiring happiness in the lives of everyone you encounter.

Those in the field of psychology may tagged this exercise as "Positive Self Affirmation", which of course is very right.

It's working for me. So go ahead and give it a little try. You may feel shy and stupid at first, second and third attempt, but don't bother your head with that, it's the benefits thereafter that you should be more concerned about.

I believe with time you will be the one teaching others, especially kids, to do same so they can learn about positive self-image and self-appreciation. For children, this exercise can help build up their confidence as they grow up into adulthood.

Okay, enough talking. I think you should just embrace yourself right now, and repeat it every morning when you wake up and before you go to bed. If you are committed enough, I bet you, one week of this simple, and yet  so valuable exercise, will definitely change your perspective about you forever.

Let the sweet embrace begin!

Written & Authored by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)
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