Sunday, June 1, 2014

JUNE: Rejoice, Rethink and Run

* Why Rejoice?
For everyone who made it to this new month of June, I believe there is a need to rejoice and celebrate regardless of whatever it is you have lost or gained since the beginning of this year. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is very important, because it helps us to focus more on the positive side of life and gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

* Why Rethink?
Take a few minutes and rewind back to the beginning of this year, possibly you had written a "New Year Resolution" which is a set of goals and objectives of all you wish to achieve through the year, isn't it? So, the question now is, are you still committed to what you have set out to accomplished or you have even forgotten all about it? Today is the right time to rethink, revive and re-strategize so as for you to be able to make something worthwhile out of the remaining months ahead of you. It's never too late to make a new plan neither is it wrong to review the old one.

* Why Run?
Time is one of the greatest resource and gift that every human has in equal measure. Nobody has more time than the other, we all have 24hours each day to turn our dreams to realities. One popular secret about time is that those who plan their life (in order of priority) and stick to it will always achieve greater results and still have more time to do other things. Meanwhile those who leave things to chance and fail to plan will experience the direct opposite. Goal setting alone is not enough without the willingness and ability of the individual setting it to run with it from time to time until tangible results becomes evident. Start to live right by spending your time wisely on things and with people who add value to your life.

Your failure or success depends on these three things, the earlier you adjust and stick to them the better your chances of achieving more than you ever thought possible in the long run.

December 31st 2014 is just around the corner, what story will you tell when it comes?

I wish you a Happy New Month!

Written by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade
Facebook: Ebenezer OlaSunkanmi Akinrinade
Twitter: gent2smile


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