Tuesday, December 22, 2015

LEADERSHIP: People Pleaser

How can you be liked without giving in to being a

Be Choosy.
As leaders we always have a choice. People-pleasers often feel that they have to say yes when someone asks for their help. Remember that you always have a choice to say no. Ask yourself: Is this something I choose to do?

Be Communicative.
When you clearly communicate
your priorities and values, people can better understand how their requests fit in—or how they don’t. Ask yourself: Am I letting those around me know what’s most important to me?

Be Considerate.
Be considerate of yourself and your
time, and be considerate in your choices. Ask yourself: What are my options?

Be Coherent.
Be clear and consistent in stating your boundaries. When others overstep, let them know.
Healthy boundaries go a long way in eliminating negativity and anger from your life. Ask yourself: Am I
comfortable with where this request may take me?

Be Confident.
The attitude you bring to requests,
whether you say yes or no, is an important part of how your response is perceived. Ask yourself: Why am I doing (or not doing) this? How does this response serve the bigger picture?

Most leaders are the kind of people who want to serve others, and true leadership is knowing that the greatest acts of kindness are those done by choice, not out of fear and guilt.

Written by:
Lolly Daskal

Leadership: People Pleaser

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