Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This land Nigeria
Blessed with rich arts and culture
Her men are handsome, strong and industrious
Her women, beautiful and endowed with natures essence
They are the desire of king's all over the world.

This land Nigeria
Favored with great human potentials and natural resources
Yet, its people wallow in penury because of visionless leadership of some of our leaders.

This land Nigeria,
A land where the good people suffer and the bad ones enjoy good
A land where terrorism and corruption stagnates progress
A nation in dire need of peace and betterment.

This land Nigeria,
You can only get better
When your people practice absolute love and honesty
You will regain your glory when your citizens - leaders and led, renew their minds to love God and humanity.

This land Nigeria,
You are the envy of many nations of the world
Because you are loaded with goodies more than the milk and honey in canaanland.

This land Nigeria,
You are the giant of Africa
And must rise up and take your place in the league of nations.

This land Nigeria,
There's no land like you
I am proud to be your citizen
And I will always make you proud.

Written by:
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
[Poet | Author | Editor]

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Ifeanyi is an illustrious Nigeria making a positive difference. His life's goal is to help individuals and organizations better their best. He is a leader at Hinovelty, published author of life-enriching books, pioneer and co-editor of "THE PHENOMENAL WOMAN ANTHOLOGY: Collection of Poems in Honour of Dr. Maya Angelou."

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