Friday, July 9, 2010


In the world that we live in today, so many of us as young people are predisposed to that world which says "it is every man for himself".

And perhaps, rarely do most of us encounter people who's got beautiful faces, charming smiles, and then a good heart.

In the headlines we read and hear news about selfish politicians, we spend our busy day with selfish friends, and even more worse is the reality that we each day find ourselve growing up in the midst of a 'mind-your-own- business' kind of family and/or a 'me first before anyone' neighbors who wouldn't mind who gets hurt as far as their desires are met.

Let me assure you that things can get better, and it is already for those who knows the secret of how to live a fulfilling life.

Of course, I knew you would you be glad to have me share the secret with you. It is nothing out of the ordinary.

The number one answer to recreating our world into a better place where people have good heart and not just good face is, "you and your family".

A family really isn't about letting each other do whatever they want. It's about each person doing what's good for the family, and that's how we attain a world where every is doing what's good for the world.

Now, you and me are charged with the duty to start doing what's good for the family so that families can do what is good for the neighbors...the neighborhood for the community...communities for the state...states for the nation...and the nations for the world altogether.

We can change the world through our committment to building a better world by building a better family.

Be good. Do good.

Written by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

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