Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No-One Is Good For Nothing!

This is a letter to you, our great champions to whom the future belongs.

Some things are facts but they are not the whole truth. So be very careful not to let anyone or the circumstances that you are going through deceive you.

Yes!, it's true that you are young. But no-one is ever too young to do great and mighty things.

Yes!, you are small. But the Holy Book said, "it is not by power nor by might", which means your size or height doesn't matter.

Yes!, you have disabilities. But have you ever read about Helen Keller, Yinka Ayefele, Stevie Wonder, Cobhams Asuquo, etc, go and read about them and soon you will realise that to have LIFE and BREATHE is all the ABILITY that you need to make the difference.

Yes!, your parents ain't so rich. But that's why every child is said to be a GIFT and a BLESSING from GOD. That is to say, your primary assignment is to add value and be a source of blessing to your immediate family.

Yes!, I know you have many things to complain about like bad governance, unemployment, poor economic state, and etc, but wait a minute, do you know that problems are meant to be solved by those who desire success and work for it?

Imagine our world today without the advancements in science & technology, media, sport, art, etc., many of the milestone achievements made in this fields were brought about by men like you and me.


* Don't let anyone talk you down.
* Never you accept failure as you birth-right.
* Don't be too shy to ask questions when you are not clear.
* Don't feel intimidated by other people's success.
* Don't ever submit to the opinion, idea, suggestion or people that says you are good for nothing.

Always remember that "No-One is Good For Nothing" except for those who think they are.


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(Written Date: May 31, 2010)

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