Saturday, April 16, 2011

What If Your Mind Deceives You?

"Don't follow your heart always. Seek the opinions of the wise before you act." ~ Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

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=> What If Your Conscience Deceives You <=

The statement, "Follow Your Heart" is a popular verse we get (from friends, parents, mentors and etc) everytime we're caught up in a situation that no-one seems to have a sure solution to.

But my question to you is: how many times have you followed your heart? and how many times have you ended up satisfied with the outcomes?

Little children exhibits some characters which adults may sometimes find annoying, irritating or difficult to understand and we end up punishing them for it even though the child sees no reason why he/she should be punished.

Do you know that millions of thoughts (ideas or intensions) runs through the human mind in a second? Children are human, too. Because of the excessive activity of the hormones in their body system and their inability to guide (or control) their thoughts, a child then feels like doing everything that comes to his/her mind whether wrong or right.

Experience comes with age but wisdom comes through a different path.

Many adults still think like children, lacking the ability to coordinate they thoughts. They continue acting out every instructions or ideas that flows through their mind. Now, imagine yourself as a mentor telling such a man/women to follow his/her heart. What a disaster!

Individually and collectively, we must NURTURE and RE-NEW our mind consistently before we start following it to avoid costly mistakes. He who walks with the wise will himself become wise.

Until next time, THINK, READ, DISCUSS and IMPACT the WORLD.

Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

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