Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When I die, cry!
Cry because you will never again see a face like mine.
When I die, smile!
Smile for all the good times we shared.
When I die, think!
Think about your yesterdays, today and tomorrow.
When I die, eat!
Eat and merry to mark my exit just like the day I was born.
When I die, pray!
Pray for you and me that GOD should forgive our wrongs.
When I die, sing!
Sing for me. Music is a tradition is heaven.
When I die, write.
Write me a poem, a verse from the depth of your heart.
When I die, live!
Live your life in full measure without any regret.
When I die, believe!
Believe that when you are done we will meet in paradise.
When I die, learn!
Learn from my past and create your own future.
When I die, love!
Love life, GOD, and the people in your life.
When I die, share!
Share this note with everyone on your path, both young and old.
When I die, remember!
Remember to read and share this poem as my gift to all mankind.
When I die, ask!
Ask yourself, what will the world remember me by?

Composed & Written by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade (a.k.a Gent2Smile)
(Sunday, 16th-October-2011; 08:26am)

http://twitter.com/gent2smile ( @gent2smile )

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