Monday, December 19, 2011


I am grateful for all I have,
And for where I am today.

We were many that started
But only a few of us are still standing.

There were goals I set but never achieved.
And likewise, goals I achieved but never set.

I take a look back with mixed feelings,
With a vote of thanks and a question of "why?"

GOD smiled at me and said "My dear child,
I know the thoughts of your heart.

Your hardwork are not yet paying the bills,
And the world is telling you to quit;

Many of your friends have gone far ahead of you,
And you wonder if your your future is bright or doomed;

I know your pains, struggles and shame.
But trust ME, today is your day.

- You will recover more blessings than you have actually lost.
- Your pains, struggles and shame will be remembered no more.
- Those who has gone ahead of you will come to the light of your dawning day.
- Your testimony will spread like wildfire to the four corners of the earth.
- Your children's children will benefit from your wealth.
- You will have peace within and without.

I AM the LORD your GOD."

Written by:
Ebenezer Olasunkanmi Akinrinade
( 05:55pm; Friday 18th December, 2011 )


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