Saturday, September 6, 2014

PESSIMISM (by James Bekenawei)

Pessimism nauseates me
It churns the linings of my stomach
It generates a morbid feeling
It weakens my bones
And dampen my hopes.

Pessimism gives me obscure vision
It overestimates my fears
And underestimates my strength
It makes me weak
Sap off all my faith
And leaves me naked and cold

Pessimism nauseates me
It emanates a fever not existing
It births visions of events not happening
It steals the joy of each day
And paints my world in dark colors

Pessimism nauseates me
It weakens my resolve
It soils my inner beauty
It envisions the worse
the world is bleak already
why make it bleaker?

Written by:
James Bekenawei
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