Tuesday, September 16, 2014


A befitting name for the fearful dog that puts his tail in between his legs.

The name for a soldier who succumb to enemy's intimidation in battlefield.

The name for a people silenced by fear of death in the face of oppression.

A small evil weed that grows within to subdue a king to a life of slavery.

When cowardice takes root it becomes hard and almost impossible to uproot.

And except by way of courage, no man can uproot the stumps of cowardice.

Courage is everything, a propeller, a booster. Courage is faith!

But courage alone is not always enough especially without wisdom.

Unguided courage is but a threat, a danger and an evil just like cowardice.

Wisdom is the guide that turns good courage away from becoming reckless.

Reckless courage changes good men of yesterday to oppressors tomorrow.

Add to your courage, godly wisdom, that you may triumph as a true leader.

Written & Authored by:
Ebenezer O. Akinrinade

|Social Worker |Poet & Writer |Aerobics Trainer |Social Media Manager |Aspiring Photographer

Mobile: +2348027701092
Facebook: Ebenezer OlaSunkanmi Akinrinade
Twitter: @gent2smile

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