Saturday, June 1, 2013

AFRICA EMERGE: Rediscovering The Wealthiest Continent

The rebirth of Africa is now very nigh;
A nation with new breed without greed approaches.
Did you not see it?

Of course, mockers would make jest
And misconstrue this bestowed vision for an illusion.
Did you not already know it?

Many more will come to condemn that we are yet young and frail;
A nation of unschooled, poor and war-torn-apart people.
Have you not heard it before?

But what does it matter whether anyone believe or not?
Let the mockers mock and the doubters doubt
And speak as though Africa is forever doomed.

Our gaze is fixed on this new Africa whose strength is not in numbers
And whose wealth is not dependent on minerals
But rather, in her culture, language and people.

Though there be no food to go round for those who are hungry
And water for those who are thirsty
Yet, we shall stand undivided.

Though our roofs be buried under many floods of waters
And our children be casted into the streets
Yet, like a rock, we shall remain unshaken.

For when this old Africa gives way to the new
Her dreams, both stolen and lost, shall be restored.
And her voice no longer shall cry in despair.

Her goodness shall be brought forth from obscurity into limelight
And her people shall regain their pride...
A nation without shame or reproach.

A few men may betray us as we forge ahead
But I have sworn never to derail
Until the new Africa emerges.

Authored by:
Ebenezer Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)
Twitter: @gent2smile
Blog: Use Your Mind
(June 1st, 2013; 7:31am)

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