Friday, June 21, 2013

The Last Sensible Reality TV Show in Africa (by Adedoyin Matthew)

It's seem the Nigerian youths are beginning to speak up against the most popular reality TV show in Africa, BigBrother Africa. The reality show which is currently airing on DSTV (the largest TV network in Africa) is acclaimed to be the most viewed program both online and offline with not less than hundreds of thousands clicks added daily on their YouTube channel.
Here is another article by a Nigerian youth speaking on #BBA and other similar reality tv shows. Read and enjoy!


Maryam Jameelah, a muslim scholar wrote, "never before in the history of man had the graph of moral degradation shown a rapid decline as in the 21st century"

Moral degradation has reached the peak and our sacred parts are not considered sacred again. Human sexual sanctity has deteriorated to a level which is shameful even to the beast. Atimes, I wonder if animal is wiser than man in keeping their sexuality.

Yesterday, I was bombarded with one Alex Osagie's BC asking for the ban of BBA Africa on DSTV. Well, I support his stand but I think we have allowed this satanic manipulation, in the name of reality show come upon us. The last sensible reality show that elope our TV screen is The Debaters season 2 where my brother, Chinedu Chidi came top . This intellectual show left when there was no enough finance to continue, and if I may ask, how many of us even watch or know the debaters? But we are familiar with star quest, MTN Project Fame, Glo Naija Sings, Airtel, Nigeria got talents etc. I'm not saying these shows are bad, but our youth spend more time on them than intellectual and purpose driven shows.

This is my point: It is not just enough to call for the ban of BBA; it is not just enough to broadcast Alex's message; let's also change the mentality and mindset of our young ones starting with ourselves - Let's stop voting for housemates, let's stop sending sms and let's stop watching it. And let's promote intellectual events that will cause a positive change.

PS: You know Wizkid and Davido but do not know Chinua Achebe. You are one of the reasons Prof. Wole Soyinka said this generation is dead on arrival.

Written by:
Matthew 'FEMI-ADEDOYIN (a.k.a ApostleOfSexology)
Principal Consultant, ABSTINENCE ICON
BB: 30E7445A
Twitter: @adedoyinmatthew
+234 (0) 7060826979

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