Thursday, January 16, 2014

NIGERIA 2015 - We Are Still Waiting (by George Ashiru)

Look around you, very few politicians care about God or righteousness, yet some citizens are screaming religion in campaign mode. Very few political gladiators have done anything consistently in and for their communities, yet, their bigotted ethnic clones are clamouring into high heavens for votes biased with ethnic tones.

Where are the issues, the values, the programmes, the character, as the substance of our debates?

Alas! Even the reformers have gone with ethnic or religious winds...neither of which have taken us out of this developmental cul de sac for 53 years.

We are still waiting for a transformational generation which rises above primordial instincts that even good education finds hard to rub off. God bless the true Nigerians.

Written by:
George H. Ashiru
Blog: Man of Contrasts
Twitter: @ManOfContrasts and @masgee1

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