Thursday, January 16, 2014

StepUp! A Teenage Value Orientation Workshop

Have you realized that while we work hard to satisfy our today's need and get to a desired tomorrow, we may arrive there alone?

Statistics show a high steady rise in juvenile delinquency, my research showed that delinquency has been influenced by the following factors among others:
    - Poor parental influence
    - Boredom (nothing to productively engage time)
    - Identity Crises (understanding who & why they are)
    - Undefined life, career, financial and other goals
    - Inability raising funds to support themselves
    - Late admission into tertiary institutions

One best way to secure and preserve the future of our dreams and future is to invest in today’s youth. These young ones will sustain our legacy but if not founded in value, the fear of failure is imminent.

To this we are hosting StepUp!, a Teenage Value Orientation Workshop, in about 9 states: Delta, Edo, Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Lagos, Abuja, and Jos from January 17th - March 15th 2014.
It is targeted at helping teens build right value system, set and achieve practical life goals as well as exciting their creative skills to enable them live productively with tangible results.

I NEED YOU to make this happen. If there is anyway you can join the working team, share ideas, raise sponsors, it will be joyfully welcome.
Thanks and have a productive day.. .Impossible is Nothing!

Chunu Teajay
Creative Team Head
IMAGINIT Media Resources
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