Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Today I will be sharing with you how you can be smarter using the smart phones!

Do you know you can increase productivity by just having a smart phone! Smart phones are not just for calls, sms and playing games!

Below are three (3) powerful ways to use your smart phone to increase productivity:

1. Mind Recalling:
You can use your smart phones to help your mind to recall things!
Your productivity will increase by 50% if you remember what you said you will do or be reminded to do it! You don't have to cram stuff when you have a NotePad on your phone, it helps you to jot down your "quick drops" that you may need to remember later! Calculator, Organizer and To Do App are all available to increase your capacity to produce!

2. Voice Recording:
Most time we attend meetings that we wish we could play back again!
We go for events we wish we could see again! Your brain does not have the capacity to retain all the activities of meetings or events but your smart phone does! You can record voices or videos on your phone, watch them or listen to them over and over again, you will be surprised by your level of productivity after this!
Don't just use your phone to snap use it to bridge gaps!

3. Task Reshuffling:
Friends, you can work and rework on your smart phone!
You can download files, PDF files, documents, powerpoint presentations and other function you use your computer system for! You can read, edit and re-send any document, all these you can do at your comfort at anywhere! Why are you complaining that the lack of a computer has shut down your productivity when you have a smart phone!

As you go out this week, make maximum use of your smart phone and increase your capacity to produce!

Thank You

Remi Dairo
(Your Life & Productivity Coach)

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