Saturday, October 3, 2015

10 Most Essential Twitter Etiquette You Must Know

Good manners will take you a long way, especially on the Twitterverse. And as a community, Twitter has many unwritten laws when it comes to good etiquette. Here are the most important ones, in 140 characters or less.

=> Don’t overuse Twitter hashtags. Instead, optimize for engagement with up to 2 hashtags per tweet.

=> Give people credit when sharing their content on Twitter, with a mention.

=> Tweet often but do not spam. Instead, spread your tweets evenly throughout the day.

=> Tweet by the 80/20 rule and spend more time talking about others than yourself.

=> Always reply to people who reach out to you on Twitter, unless they are trolls.

=> Avoid sending automatic DMs to new followers, as it can be a major turn off.

=> Tweet in a human, personal tone, but keep it civil.

=> Keep it positive and avoid negative comments that stir controversy.

=> Return the favor and interact with the people that engage with you the most.

=> Choose to tweet content that is relevant and adds value to your audience.

Written by:
Katerina Petropoulou
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