Friday, October 16, 2015

YOUTH: A Message To The Hustlers - by EldaDavid Samuel

In the spirit of keeping it REAL! I have a message for the HUSTLERS!

In the history of MANKIND, Hustlers never really make a significant impact in their Generation. Hustlers are not motivated to live for people, hustlers are only concerned about short-term pecuniary gains. Hustlers don’t think of the future. They want immediate gratification. An Hustler is not vision oriented. They are not driven by a purpose.

An Hustler will never really reach the peak of anything or be known for anything in particular because their attention span, focus and commitment to a cause is short-lived. Hustlers are not guided by VALUES, PRINCIPLES OR ETHICS in the conduct of their actions or attitudes, so long at they get that immediate benefit. Hustlers are mostly lone rangers, they don’t have the ability to develop relationships that can be leveraged upon in future. They are mostly predators. I can give you the endless qualities of an HUSTLER!

The word ‘I AM HUSTLING’ is self-derogatory. We don’t hustle, we work HARD and SMART. In working hard and smart, we clearly know what we want, our goals both short and long term are clearly defined and we are able to articulate same to people around us. As an hard and smart worker, you channel all your energies and passion into a particular cause, you are majorly concerned about making a significant impact and building a LEGACY that can and will outlive you. You are people and service conscious and will do all in your best to help others GROW.

In the game of LIFE, Never HUSTLE and NEVER even use the word to describe what you are currently engaged in. You can’t go to a place where you hope to get a million Naira contract and tell them you hustled to get here rather you use LOFTY words like I WAS DETERMINED, I WORKED HARD, I WAS SMART, I KNEW WHAT I WANTED etc...

Once your goals are clearly spelt out and you put in all your energies and resources into achieving them – Then you are not HUSTLING but working hard and smart.

One Love to all Former Hustlers who are now MAKING AN IMPACT WORKING HARD AND SMART.

Written by:
EldaDavid Samuel

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