Saturday, October 24, 2015

Overcoming Challenges

You have to face it. Challenges are a part of life. The earlier one prepares for them, the better he or she becomes. They sometimes arise outside of your span of control. There are economic, cultural, communication, relationship and financial challenges. In dealing with them, you must be careful not to react but to strategically respond. That response first comes in the mind. Getting troubled by challenges is an additional challenge that brings more trouble.

When you face a challenge, you can ask "what is really the challenge here?"."Is it really a challenge and what kind of challenge is it?". Getting to the root cause is useful in getting an effective solution. Classifying challenges in areas of priority is also crucial to making effective decisions. When the major challenge is solved, a major trouble is averted. You can ask "what can I do to eliminate, reduce or avoid this challenge?". In some other cases, solving small challenges puts one in the frame to solve bigger challenges. Also, challenges have their peculiar nature. Some challenges cannot be eliminated, they can only be reduced. However, appropriate planning and proactive action can help prevent challenges. Sometimes, when some challenges spring up, the best response is to ignore them as addressing them can frustrate the most important tasks that you have outlined.

A master of ceremony scheduled for a wedding reception received a phone call that one of his business equipment had just been stolen. Focusing on the challenge would impair his stage performance and he just prayed to his Creator and went ahead to the event as if nothing had happened. Miraculously, the machine was found far away a day later! Sometimes challenges are present distractions that can impair future outcomes. There is no need making permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances. When challenges get to you, you don't get through where you are meant to go to. Also, it is not all challenges that you must address yourself. You can delegate or hire someone to deal with them and focus on what is most important to you. In some cases, challenges are opportunities; opportunities for growth and creative thinking.

Some people thrive on challenges. Eagles fly on stormy wind. The cheetah's speed is seen in the forest of fast antelopes. Solving challenges is an opportunity for elevation. It is a criteria for recruitment. Fashola is known for turning the challenge of rowdy Lagos to a state with mega city status. Messi's dribbling skills can be shown when defenders are making things difficult. Dangote great by solving Nigeria's dependence on imports. What challenge have you identified? What challenges have you solved? What challenges have you managed to become a better you? You may have just crossed the path of something concrete that can take you somewhere. Your current challenge can well be someone's opportunity. Rather than complaining, get it fixed, controlled or managed. When a challenges begins to weigh you down, you have just discovered a new challenge, you keep moving on and up.

The future is not too far away from those who see themselves there. For those who truly see and desire it, nothing can come between them. See you there!

Written by:
Akintobi Kehinde

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