Friday, September 6, 2013

Meet Kunbi Adefule...the Nigerian who traveled the world

Kunbi Adefule is an extraordinary Nigerian and a solo adventurer who traveled across 27 countries around the world between 2001 and December 2012, and her journey still continues.
Her first traveling experience outside Nigeria was a family trip to the United States of America. But after that trip, she developed the appetite to travel the world and see places beyond the boarders of her father's land.
Kunbi is a strong self-believer and a free soul, with a different perspective to life, religion and believes.
The stories of her adventures are shared on her personal website:
The Adventure of a Nigerian-American
One of the funny experience she wrote about that got me laughing was a story about a time when someone tried to cast demons out of her because of the jaimacan style of dreadlock on her head which she promised not to cut off.
I met Kunbi in the month of July 2013, when I was invited as one of the resource persons for the Summer Camp Nigeria project organized by the Brainy Educare Services with Kunbi was the project cordinator. Working with her opened up a small window for me to know little about her unique personality and experience.

You can read all about her adventure, life experiences and culture shock she encountered in her voyage around the world.
The Adventure of a Nigerian-American
She's one of the many making Nigeria proud.

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