Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This morning (September 25th, 2013) I just finished a phone conversation with a fraudster pretending to be a family relative from abroad.

This scrupulous man with his baritone voice called with a private number and fooled himself (not me) into guessing a name of someone I know abroad. After a name had been mentioned, he fell in love with his new found identity and gathered enough confidence to continue his mission. In an attempt to show concern, he asked about how work and family was doing, which I responded nicely to.

Now to the main business, he gave me his new phone number ( +447045715066 ) and said there is an envelope he sent to Nigeria via his friend named Mr Felix Ajayi ( 07033344593 ). The letter was addressed to me and the content therein are (1) BlackBerry (2) Rolex Wristwatch and (3) 500 pounds sterling.

He said he need my assistance to secure a document in Nigeria which he mumbled together as "International Residence Permit" or something like that. His friend Felix Ajayi is on a visit to Kogi State to see a sick family member of his, therefore I am expected to call him and know his movement and how to get the envelope.

My dear fake relative had enough time to explain himself and I was not in a hurry either since my call credit is not going to be deducted anyway.
He went ahead to get me excited by saying the BlackBerry and Rolex Wristwatch are mine and added to that is a token of N30,000 which I am expected to deduct after the pound sterling is converted to Nigerian currency.

Several minutes was spent on explanations and guidelines. After the whole talk and everything, I then asked him what his name was again and he responded with the magic name I gave initially. I smiled, and said to him, "Hello sir, I have spoken to many people like you before and..." but unfortunately he didn't allow me to finish my sentence before he dropped the call.

= Final Note =
It's really a sad thing to note that there are still evil geniuses like this who are determined to destroy the image of Nigeria and Nigerians.

What benefits do they stand to gain by defrauding innocent people? Please let us change our ways and put Nigeria in a positive light. You don't need to be corrupt to make a living. Be creative in a positive way and add value to other people instead of trying to cause them pain and anguish.

I believe in the future of Nigeria and I know things will get better in my own lifetime.

Ebenezer Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)
Social Worker | Writer & Editor | Social Media Strategist
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