Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CYFI brings Ambassador Walter Carrington to Lagos

On the 13th of February, 2013, one of the most respected and celebrated U.S. Ambassadors, Walter C. Carrington (Former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria), will be hosted in Lagos as a special guest of honour at the 2012/2013 Awards and Closing Ceremony (2012/13 project) of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI).

CYFI is a dynamic youth-based initiative launched in 2011 by the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos, to bring together selected number of Nigerian youth with exceptional vision, skills and experience to design and implement projects that have a positive impact on Nigerian society. As a champion of
civil liberties, democracy and closer ties between the U.S. and Nigeria, CYFI fellows are committed to putting the ideals of Walter Carrington into practice.

The theme of the 2012 CYFI year was “Youth Engagement.” Fellows are grouped into teams based on interest, and teams then develop and implement their own Youth Engagement Project (YEP) over the course of the one-year fellowship duration. In addition to working with their team to bring their YEP into fruition, CYFI fellows have enjoyed the opportunity of attending various networking events, roundtables and forums on relevant social issues, hosted by the U.S. Consulate General,
Lagos. The 2012 CYFI year is set to conclude this February 13th, 2013, with the awards ceremony for fellows, after which fellows will be inducted into the CYFI Alumni Program.

The Awards & Closing Ceremony which is strictly by invitation will hold amidst tight security at the U.S. Consul General residence in Lagos. Other special guest would include the current U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Terrence P. McCulley, Jeffrey Hawkins (U.S. Consul General, Lagos), government officials and other high profiled individuals both from U.S. and from within Nigeria.

To know more about the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, you can send an email to "carringtonfellows@gmail.com" or visit the CYFI Blog at http://www.cyfinigeria.org

Written by:
Ebenezer Akinrinade (CYFI Fellow)

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