Monday, February 11, 2013

The Holy Book of AFCON (2013 Edition)

The Holy Book of AFCON 13: 1- 13.

1.And the day came, even the day
of the Lord, this Sunday.

2. That the adversary of Nigeria, these Burkinababes came
3. And Stephen, the son of Keshi, the
commander of Nigeria Army entreated the praying Nigerians to pray
4. And in churches and mosques, in
mountains and camps prayers were
5. And behold on the battle ground, the army, these super eagles fought forcing the Burkinababes to retreat
6. But their champion, this Goliath
called Bance came flanked by his generals
7. But the Spirit of God stirred one
son of Mba, even the one called Sunday, the least in the Nigerian camp
8. And thus he said to the commander, Who is this uncircumcised Burkinababes that he should defy the armies of the giant of Africa,
9. And he was told to sit down that even Mikel, Victor, Yobo, ..... these warriors that have done battle in far countries cannot dare this Goliath, Bance or Pitropia
10. And he told the commander for this purpose was I named Sunday, to do battle on the day of the Lord,
11. And the commander, Keshi urged him go
12. And Sunday arose and caused havoc in the camp of the
13. And the armies Burkina Faso, these adversaries of Nigerian was utterly destroyed.

Attributed to: Syntosyn

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